VRM-2020, Voltage Regulation Module

The VRM-2020 is an optional remote device for the DGC-2020HD to provide excitation to the field of a brushless exciter for automatic voltage regulation (var/PF control).

For an instruction manual, refer to the DGC-2020HD product page.


  • Expands the already extensive capabilities of the DGC-2020HD by providing field excitation for brushless exciters.
  • Enhances protection by implementing up to eight RTD (resistance temperature device) inputs.
  • Maintain precise genset control with the VRM-2020’s ±0.25% regulation accuracy (no load to full load).
  • The VRM-2020’s potted design provides exceptional reliability in harsh environments, easily allowing years of worry-free operation.
  • A rugged power stage creates an easy solution for applications containing high waveform distortion caused by nonlinear loading.
  • Integrated generator and exciter protection ensure reliable and safe operation of the entire system.



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