DECS-2100, Digital Excitation Control System

The DECS-2100 is an extremely powerful and flexible excitation system that precisely controls, protects, and monitors synchronous generators and motors. Its multifunctional design allows it to operate in a wide range of applications that require excitation currents up to 10,000 Adc.

The BESTCOMS™Pro software program complements the DECS-2100 by embedding many time-saving tools such as programmable logic, integrated simulator, system monitoring, commissioning, event viewing, system settings and configuration, and an extensive Help function into one program.


  • A wide variety of redundancy options increases system reliability.
  • An available suite of limiters coordinates with protective functions to help maintain safe operating parameters and avoid system downtime.
  • Various protection functions are integrated into the controller to avoid system damage.
  • Dual gain settings can maximize excitation system performance based on load conditions.
  • Improve system reliability and stability by coordinating dual settings groups for limiters and protection to match generation system conditions.
  • A soft start feature maintains generator voltage control during system startup to prevent undesired overshoots.
  • Time synchronizing provisions facilitate event analysis with a common chronological reference to aid in coordination efforts when comparing oscillography files from other devices.
  • Real-time monitoring and built-in test provisions simplify system testing and reduce commissioning time.
  • Entering settings with confidence is easy with BESTCOMS™Pro. Software provides intuitive settings with graphs, built-in error checking, and summary screens.
  • Power Drawers allow for simple online and offline maintenance of complete rectifier bridges that can reduce or eliminate exciter down time.
  • Sequence of Events and Oscillography Recording provisions collect valuable system data triggered by disturbances for event analysis.
  • Avoid costly generator damage and improve overall system stability with Basler Electric's integrated Power System Stabilizer (optional) that utilizes the "integral of accelerating power" to safely dampen local mode, inter-area and inter-unit power oscillations.
  • Basler's in-house engineering, fabrication, manufacturing, and test capabilities provide maximum control of processes and product design, resulting in the highest quality and maximum reliability while offering shorter lead times.
  • Optional supervisory channel increases system security by avoiding inadvertent tripping with two-out-of-three controller comparison technique.


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