BE1-11i, Intertie Protection System

Correctly configuring protection with confidence has never been easier than with the BE1-11. The BE1-11i Intertie Protection System is designed with many features to address issues with reliability arising from the complexity of programming. With BESTspace™ files, multiple BESTlogic™Plus preprogrammed logic schemes, and associated application notes, you can be confident that you have the protection you need.


IEEE Device Functions
24 25 27 32 43 46 47
49RTD* 50 51 59 60 62 67
78V 79 81 86 101 50BF

* Optional

  • Intertie protection provided at the point of common coupling (PCC) between non-utillty distributed generation (DG) and the electric utility/area power system (Area EPS).
  • Entering protection settings with confidence is easy with BESTCOMSPlus® software that provides intuitive settings with graphs, built-in error checking, and summary screens.
  • Complex protection is easy to configure and understand with preprogrammed schemes, drag-and-drop logic, user labels, and notes provided by BESTlogic™Plus.
  • The Offline Simulator in BESTlogic™Plus helps identify and troubleshoot the logic without the expensive need for physical hardware.
  • Adaptable coordination for the most difficult applications made possible by 24 industry-standard timing curves and five user-defined curves.
  • Dual primary zone application protection with optional second set of CTs.
  • Islanding-detection protection and automatic load-shed schemes possible with the use of frequency elements.
  • Meet your modern communications needs with 10/100Mbit copper or 100Mbit fiber-optic Ethernet with IEC 61850, DNP, or Modbus®.
  • Connection is easy, even when using multiple large wires, with large screw terminals for all terminations.
  • Get the information you need for system analysis with distance-to-fault, oscillography, demand metering, power quality, breaker monitoring, and other data provided by the BE1-11.
  • Easily navigate settings and metering with the intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) menu and large LCD display.
  • Customize displayed information to meet different application needs with user-definable indicators and labels.
  • Direct control of internal logic using Select and Operate buttons available on the front panel.
  • Optional RTD module with fully configurable analog outputs can be used to drive analog meters. Easily assigned trip points can be scaled by the user to reflect measured parameters.
  • Up to 14 combined alarm and trip temperature monitoring points are possible using an optional RTD module.
  • Reduce installation costs and improve reliability by mounting an optional RTD module near the point of measurement to minimize cable lengths.



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Case Studies

  • Case Study

    • One Good DECS Deserves Another (616.8KB)
      Throughout Taiwan’s history, many government-owned power plants were built to supply power for the main island of Taiwan and its outlying islands. Basler excitation systems and protective relays are widely used in these plants.