BE1-51, BE1-51_27C, BE1-51_27R, Time Overcurrent Relay

A microprocessor-based relay that provides versatile overload and fault protection on 50Hz or 60Hz systems. Adaptable for a wide range of applications; voltage control and voltage restraint models are available.


  • Flexible pickup is continually adjustable over a wide range.
  • Easily match system configuration with single-phase, two-phase-with-neutral, three-phase, and three-phase-with-neutral input configurations.
  • Timings can be tailored to the application with 16 field selectable curves.
  • Minimized CT costs as a result of low sensing burden.
  • Reduced battery load with low burden power supply.
  • Accurate, repeatable, and reliable operation.
  • Simple HMI provides clear and intuitive settings for easy configuration without the use of a computer.
  • LED targets provide clear annunciation of status.
  • Easily perform in-case system and device tests using test paddles.



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